The Rise of Self-Storage

Density, Divorce, Death and Dislocation are what we term the 4Ds driving demand for storage. Continuous urbanisation coupled with rising real estate costs mean larger population centred in key city centres. Trends also point towards smaller and shared work and living spaces, resulting in overall shrinking of personal space. As a result, storage will grow to become second nature or a necessity, in many instances. … Continue reading The Rise of Self-Storage

Decluttering Your Life

We are all guilty of owning too many items, some unnecessary, many due to sentimental reasons. Whether at home or in your office, we should all take some time to practice decluttering. Researchers using MRIs and diagnostic tools have shown that clutter affects our brain’s ability to concentrate and process information. Clutter has the same effect on our brain as multitasking, it overloads the senses, … Continue reading Decluttering Your Life

Smart Shoe Organization Ideas for the Sophisticated Lady

There isn’t always enough storage space in the shoe cabinet for everyone in the family and more often than not, you might be forced to resort to stacking shoes up in an unglamorous manner that distorts the shape of the shoes. It’s time to explore some neat tricks and tips that will keep the shoe cabinet Instagram-worthy! Remove the Excess and Store the Seasonal Toss … Continue reading Smart Shoe Organization Ideas for the Sophisticated Lady

6 Unusual Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Stuff Out of the Way

Don’t you find it tiring to clean up your kids’ mess? It would be really awesome if our kids do tidy them on their own but reality tend to have it otherwise, for some of us, at least. And it definitely doesn’t help to find our hubbies’ butt stuck in the couch (leaving behind sinkholes when they are not on it). LEGO Mat/Storage Bag Alright … Continue reading 6 Unusual Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Stuff Out of the Way

Witty Hacks to Create Space in the Kitchen

Having a hard time pushing the plates and kettle away to make room for the chopping board and ingredients every time you prepare dinner? You might have heard of using lazy susan to access hard to reach corners in shelves or using desk organizers to create a tidy storage in the fridge. Yes, it doesn’t always take a major overhaul or moving into an expensive … Continue reading Witty Hacks to Create Space in the Kitchen

Are your clothes sick of wearing you?

What are all those clothes that you never wear doing in your closet? Like most of us you probably always end up wearing the same Paris-T-shirt. And that is the kind of hack that really takes you time. According to Daily Mail, an average lady spends 90 minutes a week on deciding what to wear. Don’t you think that you could use your time more … Continue reading Are your clothes sick of wearing you?

The Danish concept of a complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things, such as enjoying happy moments iwth loved ones in a cosy atmosphere.s

Top 5 Reasons to Organize Your Home

Have you read the recent Straits Times feature on the Danish concept of hygge? Wouldn’t it be nice to create a lifestyle filled with love, joy and cosiness? How about starting off by organizing your home? Here are top 5 reasons to motivate you! A Clearer Mind Recent research conducted by Princeton University suggests that clutter limits the brain’s ability to process information. Clutter is … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Organize Your Home