Thank you from BEAM Storage!

Dear BEAMers, Thank you for your wonderful support the past few months. As we grow box-to-box and item-to-item, we owe it all to your support. As a concierge service, we have met all of you personally, our privilege, really. We’ve heard wonderful stories from some of you and we are glad to be of help in times of transition and movement. We would like to … Continue reading Thank you from BEAM Storage!

BEAM, the app that makes you feel better at home

Over the last couple of decades people have seen their living space shrinking. The trend seems unstoppable; with the rising price of the land, developers continue to downsize apartments, in an effort to keep overall prices within the reach of buyers. The “smaller the better” notion gained prominence with the rapid proliferation of shoebox apartments, some now as tiny as 258 sq ft. The 2 to … Continue reading BEAM, the app that makes you feel better at home

Beam has launched!

We are thrilled to introduce BEAM. We are a third generation self-storage provider. BEAM helps Singaporeans declutter their living and working spaces without them ever having to leave their place. We are Asia Pacific’s first self-storage application allowing users to store and retrieve all of their items individually. BEAM’s Mobile App puts your closet in your phone. All you need to do to access your … Continue reading Beam has launched!