How BEAM can help you declutter your HDB

Remember that feeling of joy when you first moved into your new home? That brand new space that holds so much potential for years of memories to come! Over time, we tend to get comfortable and sometimes end up accumulating junk that slowly begins to clutter up the once nice, clean and open space. The home should be a retreat we want to spend time … Continue reading How BEAM can help you declutter your HDB

The Rise of Self-Storage

Density, Divorce, Death and Dislocation are what we term the 4Ds driving demand for storage. Continuous urbanisation coupled with rising real estate costs mean larger population centred in key city centres. Trends also point towards smaller and shared work and living spaces, resulting in overall shrinking of personal space. As a result, storage will grow to become second nature or a necessity, in many instances. … Continue reading The Rise of Self-Storage

Decluttering Your Life

We are all guilty of owning too many items, some unnecessary, many due to sentimental reasons. Whether at home or in your office, we should all take some time to practice decluttering. Researchers using MRIs and diagnostic tools have shown that clutter affects our brain’s ability to concentrate and process information. Clutter has the same effect on our brain as multitasking, it overloads the senses, … Continue reading Decluttering Your Life

Thank you from BEAM Storage!

Dear BEAMers, Thank you for your wonderful support the past few months. As we grow box-to-box and item-to-item, we owe it all to your support. As a concierge service, we have met all of you personally, our privilege, really. We’ve heard wonderful stories from some of you and we are glad to be of help in times of transition and movement. We would like to … Continue reading Thank you from BEAM Storage!