What is Air-Conditioned Storage – Do You Need It?

What is Air-Conditioned Storage – Do You Need It?

When it comes to storing valuable and sensitive items, such as documents, electronics, furniture, or even artwork, it is essential to consider the environment in which they are placed. One of the most popular questions being asked is whether one really needs an air-conditioned storage unit.

Air-conditioned storage can provide several benefits especially when you live in areas with high humidity. This type of storage helps to lessen moisture from forming. Remember, too much moisture in the air causes the air to hold more heat as well, potentially causing your items to warp, crack, or in the worst cases, rot. If you’re looking for a better storage solution for some of your items, this may be the storage solution you’ve been looking for!

Now let’s explore the benefits of air-conditioned storage in more detail:

Flexible Storage Options

Air-conditioned storage facilities come in various sizes, providing you with the flexibility to choose the unit that best suits your needs. Whether you need a small space for a few boxes or a larger unit for furniture or vehicle storage, an air-conditioned storage option is available here at BEAM Storage.

Temperature Control

One of the main advantages of air-conditioned storage is the ability to control the temperature. Extreme heat or cold can be detrimental to many items. For example, electronics can malfunction in high temperatures, and wooden furniture can warp or crack in humidity. With air-conditioning, you can maintain a moderate temperature, reducing the risk of damage caused by temperature fluctuations.

Humidity Regulation

This type of storage unit may control humidity levels in addition to temperature.  Excess humidity can lead to the growth of mildew, mold, and rot, which can cause irreversible damage to your belongings. By maintaining a controlled humidity environment, air-conditioned storage units mitigate the risks of moisture damage, keeping your items safe and in optimal condition.

In a nutshell, these benefits ensure the preservation and safety of valuable items stored in these facilities. If you are considering storage options, air-conditioned storage is definitely worth considering.

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