BEAM Wine Storage Promotion

BEAM Wine Storage Promotion

Wine is an investment that requires proper storage, shielded from the elements and the fluctuating tropical weather. BEAM Space Singapore is able to provide self-storage solutions for wine storage, ensuring that the wine stored are protected from the three factors that have the most pronounced effect on wine; light, humidity, and temperature.

Here in BEAM’s wine storage facilities, the temperature is kept constant at 12-14°C and relative humidity kept at 60-70%. Our walk-in cellar and wine lockers have capacities ranging from 18 to 174 cases. These lockers are also conveniently accessible, with 24/7 availability, trolley and cargo lift to move your wine around.

The wine storage facility is strategically located in central Singapore, making it easy to retrieve your stash anytime.

We are currently running a promotion from only $85/month for a 216 bottle locker (11.98sf /18 cases). We also have larger units available.

Chat with our friendly BEAM Concierge on our website or email us at to find out more about our wine storage services in Singapore.

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