Declutter to make space for Luck this Chinese New Year 2018!

Declutter to make space for Luck this Chinese New Year 2018!

As we enter the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year, this is the time where all households switch to full gears to ensure that the house is at its best condition ever.

The chinese proverb “旧的不去,新的不来” (translates: If the old doesn’t go, the new will not come) still holds firm in families up till today. It is believed that houses should be cleansed thoroughly prior to Chinese New Year to make way for good fortune and positive energy. From sweeping, to dusting, to washing, and even decluttering, every nook and corner of the house will be cleaned. This is simply because dust is traditionally associated with the ‘OLD’, so cleaning and getting rid of it symbolizes bidding farewell to the old, and welcoming the new!

Are you ready to make way for good fortune and positive energy to enter your homes? Here are some top tips to effectively spring clean your entire home, making your space more welcoming for luck, as well as your guests (family and friends)!

Dusting living room furniture

Living Room

  1. Get rid of old newspapers and magazines that are piling up, collecting dust. (Recycle them and make a few ringgit out of it in attempt to reduce negative environmental impact)
  2. Clear the clutter off from any flat surfaces available (eg. tables, shelves, countertops). Everything that is deemed useful or valuable should have a proper place in your home.
  3. Use open boxes or a basket to keep small items together. Items such as remote controls, keys, and your loose change should not be simply chucked around creating more clutter in your living room.
  4. Create a designated place for all paper materials to be placed. This includes letters, notices, newspapers, flyers, bills etc. By doing so, you will know where to go to the next time you’re in need of some important document, rather than turning the house upside down trying to find it when you need it.

Cleaning Kitchen Counter


  1. Get rid of any expired products you find lying around in your refrigerator, pantry, or cupboards.
  2. Empty every cupboard and drawer and go through each item to see if you really need to keep them.
  3. Get rid of access knives, ladles and serving spoons, spatulas and scrapers, salt & pepper shakers, rolling pins, and whisks. You essentially need only one (or two) of these items, and they usually last a long, long time! Also, don’t forget to go through your collection of plastic containers and get rid of those which have missing covers.


Store Room Racks

  1. Set up a proper racking system in your store-room. This helps you utilise upward space, which is often left to waste.
  2. Use large plastic containers to sort your items out and ensure they are properly labelled, so that you know where to find exactly what you need. Ensure that these plastic containers have proper lids to prevent accumulation of dust on the items stored.
  3. Only store things that you know you have a use for. If you can’t imagine yourself using a particular item, it might be better off to pack it (in good, clean condition) and donate it to someone else who might have a use for it.

Clothes Hanging in Wardrobe

  1. Go through your wardrobe and set aside clothes which you no longer wear. If they are in good, clean condition, consider donating it to your local charity who may very well benefit from it.
  2. For seasonal clothing, pack them properly in boxes or in a luggage and store them in the uppermost shelves so that you can make space for in-season clothing.
  3. Keep your dressing table tidy by using organisers and small drawers to organise your beauty essentials.
  4. Remove any clutter you might have on your bed, with the exception of your favourite soft toy/bolster. Having a clean bed means you’ll be able to sleep better.


Sleek Bathroom with Laundry Basket

  1. Get rid of empty containers or expired products.
  2. Roll up spare clean towels when storing them in the bathroom. This takes up less space as opposed to storing them folded.
  3. Put your used/soiled clothing into a laundry basket, instead of dumping them all over the floor.

Study Room Essentials
Office/Study Room

  1. Take a picture of your study room before you start. By looking at the picture, you’ll be able to tell which areas require more attention.
  2. Store loose documents into files or boxes and label them properly.
  3. Get rid of cables and chargers of devices which you no longer use.
  4. Organise your cables so you’ll never end up with a tangle.
  5. Pack away books you no longer need and consider donating them to someone in need.
  6. Store away duplicates of stationeries, such as staplers, hole punches, scissors, rulers etc. You only need one of these at any given time.

No big deal - Wipes dust off Suit

With these simple tips, you should be able to effectively clean your entire home, making space for luck to flow in freely without tripping over junk!

Getting rid of the old stuff can sometimes be difficult, especially when they contain precious memories. Other things such as seasonal items (eg. clothing, decoration items etc) can also be a struggle since you do not have much space to store them.

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Don't let luck trip over junk. Declutter & let luck flow in freely in 2018!


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BEAM Space wishes all a Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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