How BEAM can help Singaporeans save money on storage!

How BEAM can help Singaporeans save money on storage!

Don’t say we bojio when we offer you money saving tips for storage in Singapore. If you’ve been doing self-storage, we better let you know that there is now a concierge service, with FREE pickup, and you don’t even need to go to a warehouse to store. By the way, this service is also cheaper than self-storage! Once you go BEAM, you can’t turn back!

Here’s why:

1. Cheap storage!

Cheapest in Singapore, and some say Batam. Try us out! Only $4/box/month to start your journey. That is just one koay chap over lunch! That box could easily store about 16-20 reasonable-sized novels so you don’t have to throw the precious stash away. You want to keep the antique beside table but it doesn’t match your new boyfriend’s apartment? That’s only $12/month. We charge per item instead of a large fixed space, and do not have contracts or minimums. You also don’t have to put deposits with us, you can spend that money on an overseas holiday! That’s how much you have to deposit for self-storage!

2. Find your things!

We’re the first in Asia with a mobile app which allows you to see your actual items stored! Our concierge tags and takes a photo of all items so you can pick and choose the right ones to bring back to you on-demand and by just using your mobile phone. You can now identify everything in storage without having to visit the warehouse to dig thru boxes.

3. Too busy to go to the warehouse? We’ll come to you!

BEAM is a concierge storage, because self-storage is so yesterday. Who wants to visit the warehouse when you can sit at home and sip margaritas or catch up on that TV series. You want your items back, our concierge will send it right to your doorstep! At only $16/trip for delivery. Pickup is free! Imagine the amount of time saved. Our BEAM concierge will also help carry the items so you don’t have to break a sweat!

4. We’ll arrange transportation

Did we mention, pick-up is FREE? Our BEAM concierge will head over to your place with our van which can hold up to 18 large boxes. For larger or specialized moves and requirements, we can also send over a truck and mover at special rates from our partners, just use our mobile app! You don’t have to arrange separate transportation with anyone else, and you can track your driver movements, just another security feature we’ve embedded for you.


We hope that we’ve given you enough reasons to use our concierge storage services. Don’t forget to visit our website, or download the BEAM Space Mobile App, available on App Store or Google Play and schedule that free pick-up today. Free your home of clutter to welcome a new addition in your life, or to find more space for yourself.

Those of you who are planning to end your contract with a self-storage provider, reach out to us here to get quotes for a special package!

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