5 Ways To Declutter Your Space

5 Ways To Declutter Your Space


Just thinking about decluttering can overwhelm and paralyze one to inaction. We’ve been there before, which is why we came up with these awesome tips that will remove the pain of the process.

1. Scissors, PAPER, stone!

Take a look around and identify the piles of paper you have. If the answer is more than 1, you’re in for a treat with this tip!

Paper is a necessary evil, without which we often can’t seem to get work done. However, the proper management of paper is often overlooked, leaving us with piles of clutter around us.

A simple and systematic way of tidying up all your papers, documents, bills, receipts, warranties, manuals, and flyers is by designating a box where all these papers immediately go to once they’ve reached your home. By immediately putting all these in the box, you’ll now know where to find any documents you need without having to organize the next family treasure hunt!

2. One trash bag at a time

Start your next attempt at decluttering by setting the goal of filling up ONE trash bag. A simple goal like this could be easily achieved as you sweep through your home clearing out things that are no longer necessary. We’ll bet that the sense of accomplishment you get from tying up that loaded trash bag will leave you wanting to fill up the next bag.

3. Pick a spot, make it spotless

Start small by selecting a specific area in your home, eg. your bedroom, and take every effort to clear out whatever that should not belong in there. Once you’re done with your bedroom, move on to another area of the home.

Decluttering your home spot-by-spot allows you to systematically get the work done. Even if you are unable to complete the entire home in one go, at least you’ll know where to continue from the next time you’re inspired to clean up!

4. Are you wearing your clothes, or are your clothes wearing you out?

If you find that you’re taking too long to find the right outfit or you’re stressed out about that missing piece of clothing, it is about time you start to clear out your wardrobe.

Winter wear can be packed separately in boxes and stored away with BEAM Space, only to have it sent back when you need it. This frees up space.

If you haven’t worn a particular piece of clothing in the past 3 months, you most likely won’t need it anymore. Pack them up and give them away to the nearest charity! You’ll feel better now that your wardrobe is less of a mess, and you’re blessing someone else along the way.

5. Make it a daily habit

Think of decluttering as a journey, rather than a destination. Your goal to living a clutter-free life should be supported by the small actions you take each day to make sure clutter is cleared from your home. By keeping a constant pace at decluttering, you’ll find that it gets easier over time, and you don’t have to make it a stressful, burdensome and overwhelming project.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief that decluttering is really not that overwhelming when you take tiny steps and turn it into a habit.


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