6 Unusual Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Stuff Out of the Way

6 Unusual Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Stuff Out of the Way

Don’t you find it tiring to clean up your kids’ mess? It would be really awesome if our kids do tidy them on their own but reality tend to have it otherwise, for some of us, at least. And it definitely doesn’t help to find our hubbies’ butt stuck in the couch (leaving behind sinkholes when they are not on it).

LEGO Mat/Storage Bag

Alright enough of complaints, but I have to add that picking up pieces of LEGO bricks makes me regret buying them in the first place. Well…I do feel better after sewing a LEGO drawstring mat/storage bag that wraps it all up! Saves so much effort!

lego-bagStuffed Toy Cushion Chair

I love stuffed toys and I still keep one by my bedside today. But unlike me, the kids have way more than just one, but I found the perfect way to hide them! No, better still, it’s doubling as a cushion chair. Killing two birds with one stone!

Bath Toy Rack

Next up, the bath toys…too wet to move them out of the bathroom. And it is also too troublesome to towel dry them every evening! Leaving them to dry on racks in the bathroom has to be the most efficient way around this, unless of course that I hide them in the storage room forever and hope that the kids forget about their bath toys, but it’s kinda too mean, I think.

Horizontal Book Shelf and Reading Spot

Then comes the books. We won’t want them too high up on a tall bookshelf, where the kids can’t reach. I think reading is a great habit to cultivate! Okay…there’s a bit of a DIY job here as well. Grab a sturdy horizontal shelf, top it up with paddings and fancy cushions to create an off-the-magazine look!


Mason Jar Organizers and Other Great Buys from Daiso, Singapore

What else do we have there…crayons, watercolours, beads. For these, I just can’t get enough of mason jars, available at our all-time favourite Daiso for just S$2! A couple other containers from Daiso may come in very handy too.

Baby Cot, Pram and Clothes into the External Storage Facilities

And just how fast do our beautiful babies grow! It’s almost like the Hulk’s transformation. The kids are totally going to rip the baby cot, pram and clothes apart if they are still trying to fit into them. Especially the pram! They love the pram! Unfortunately, there’s only the conventional method of keeping them in the bomb shelter. Oh wait, there’s also the more modern solution of storing them in external warehouses until the next baby arrives.

Last but not least, I would like to share a YouTube video of 31 more hacks for the kids’ room! Can’t wait for the stork’s visit!

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