5 tips to make the most out of your office space

5 tips to make the most out of your office space
This post is a guest contribution by Audrey Ang, from Dragon Law

The average working adult spends more than 8 hours a day tied to their office desk. That’s equivalent to half the time one spends awake for most people! Tidiness in the workplace has a direct impact on your mental and physical well-being. You will be more productive and “in the zone” with adequate and conducive work space, than when it is untidy squeezed and cluttered. Here are five tips to help you free up space.

1. Pack away the unnecessary

The first step towards a freeing office space – packing away all that clutter. Be ruthless. Do you really need that commemorative plaque from 10 years ago? Or that pile of event booklets collected from every conference you’ve been to? Making your workspace as clutter-free as possible improves your productivity, lessen distractions and allows you to tap into the zone more easily.

2. The ‘Boss’ sized table

When optimising space, functionality really does trump clunky statement pieces. Why cramp up small offices with large tables and decades old document cabinets? Free up space with smaller furniture and put your document boxes and marketing materials at an external storage space.

3. Hot desking

Claimed to be the “workspace of the future”. Hot desking has already been implemented by several corporations. ‘Hot desking’ is where employees don’t have a set desk but can use any available desk. This optimises office space to accommodate group discussions as well as utilise any unused desks when employees are away from office.

4. Sharing office space

By optimising your office space, you can even generate income from the freed up space! More and more businesses are choosing to share office space. Sharing a working space by renting out a part of your commercial property might be a great incentive to free up space and supplement your business income.


Safeguard yourself by formalising the details in a Co-working Space Application Form and Terms of Use. This document describes the exact space and the rental amount that is agreed upon and also includes details such as payment of utilities and whether Internet, phone lines, printers, and copiers are provided. Having these matters recorded in the appropriate legal document will avoid confusion later on. You should always make sure you have permission from the landlord before entering into such an agreement.

5. Rely less on paper

Broad concerns have been voiced over paper-based processes, with close to half citing cost and security as the primary issues. With less than 10% of business processes forecasted to rely on paper by 2018, the move to digitalisation is inevitable. Save on printing costs and join in on the move to digital. But how do we work on documents collectively in an efficient manner without a hardcopy? Cloud computing is just the answer.

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  1. I like that you talked about the importance of packing away all clutter in order to free your office space. My mother is looking to rent an office space. It’s important for her to get valuable tips to make sure that she can maximize the space that she will rent. It will make sense for her to ensure that all unnecessary things and documents are going to be trashed or stored in a different place to achieve a clutter-free space. I will make sure to share your blog with my mom so she can get some tips.

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