Are your clothes sick of wearing you?

Are your clothes sick of wearing you?

What are all those clothes that you never wear doing in your closet?

Like most of us you probably always end up wearing the same Paris-T-shirt. And that is the kind of hack that really takes you time. According to Daily Mail, an average lady spends 90 minutes a week on deciding what to wear. Don’t you think that you could use your time more efficiently? Did we hear you say that you have no time for jogging? No more excuses! Clean your closet and take your sneakers for a ride.

Susie Faux, a Milan-based designer, created the term capsule wardrobe back in the 1970s, which has since been increasingly adopted. Just keep 30 – 40 items in your closet, it saves you plenty of time and keeps you away from those “closet accidents” that makes you late at work. (come on! that already happened to you 😉 )

So where to  start? Retail CEO, Sarah LaFleur’s 40/40/20 philosophy might be a good one to take on. As a general rule of thumb, a work wardrobe consisting of 40% everyday pieces that are comfortable and machine-washable such as 3 cardigans, 4 easy-to-wear dresses and your eiffel tower T-shirt, 40% make-me-look-smart pieces for important meetings (business shirt and black pants); and 20% evening dresses that makes everyone around you look like a scarecrow.

Then comes the next problem, what to do with the clothes that you can’t bear to toss or donate? Like your wedding dress, winter clothes, or the designer coat that cost you 3-months salary but turned out to be so “original” that you have to pay someone to see it on you! Be smart and don’t let them bother you. They will fit well in external storage in Singapore. Choose a per item based storage as you can get back your evening gown for your next dress up party. Per-item storage providers allow you to choose the piece to be delivered back home, from a list of inventory with images on a mobile app – (it’s oh so convenient!). And the remaining clothes? Perhaps hide them under the bed or donate.

Goodbye to days of “I have nothing to wear”!

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