How to Profit from Trading Antique & Vintage Collectibles

How to Profit from Trading Antique & Vintage Collectibles

Antique and vintage collecting is a profitable hobby that has turned into a serious business for many worldwide. Let’s explore how you can start making money from trading them in Singapore!

1. Do value investing; stockpile on collectibles with the highest potential growth in value. Antiques are high-value collectible work of art that are at least a century old. The more recent ones are more commonly considered as vintage collectibles. If you are new to this trade, you might prefer storing vintage pieces and wait for its value to pick up. This helps minimize the risks of spending too much on a piece of fake antique, as learning how to differentiate the real from the fake takes years!

2. Grab a flea market bargain.

Part of the joy of antique collecting is the sense of satisfaction derived from finding hidden treasures at a bargain in the Singapore flea markets or at garage sales!

3. Invest in popular items.

Stock up on highly demanded items, such as those that make excellent shop decorations or uniquely designed eye-catching pieces, for a good flow of income! Some ideas include vintage bicycles, advertisement billboards, vinyl record players, cashier machines, etc.


4. Beware of fakes.

Don’t overpay for fake antiques! Inspect for presence of plywood on wooden furnishing, as plywood wasn’t made until around the 1920s. And Patina is good! Genuine patina on metal antiques is a brilliant sign of ageing, but artificial patina is often added to forged reproduce! Thankfully, a close examination under a magnifying glass could reveal artificial patina!

5. Establish a global presence online.

Set up an online shop and reach out to buyers worldwide! If you are thinking about where to keep your stockpile, utilize an external storage facility in Singapore and set no limits to the size your valuable inventory!

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