Why We Love Antiques

Why We Love Antiques


Antique collection is rising in popularity in Singapore with increasing numbers of cafes and retail shops going for the retro look, and several individual collectors turning into serious dealers, setting up antique houses all over the island. Let’s reveal the top reasons why we love antiques and why you should too!

Sentimental Value of Belongings from Grandparents

Belongings from grandparents could bring back beautiful old memories of them cuddling us as a child on a woven rocking chair, and recollection of their jobs as seamstresses or craftsmen as well as the hard work that they had gone through to support the family.

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Historical or Cultural Significance

Every piece of antique tells a story of the economic development and cultural norms of those times. It was thought that China was a relatively backward country during the Tang dynasty and had relied on agriculture to survive. However, a fairly recent undersea discovery of 1,200 years old Chinese porcelain in the Southeast Asian waters unfold the history of China’s maritime trading routes. So now we know!

Monetary Value

The value of a piece of antique can rise or fall based on its quality, condition, demand and rarity. When well stored, it can rise in value, making it a potentially lucrative long term investment and a great gift for grandchildren!

Joy of Finding Rare Items or Items at a Bargain

Collectors with an eye for good bargains could delight themselves with great finds at flea markets and either resell them to antique dealers or keep them as a personal collection.

Beauty of Vintage Style

Antiques adds character to the décor and make impressive centrepieces. They can also be refurbished to add a modern touch that brings out a different side of its beauty!

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