BEAM, the app that makes you feel better at home

BEAM, the app that makes you feel better at home

Over the last couple of decades people have seen their living space shrinking. The trend seems unstoppable; with the rising price of the land, developers continue to downsize apartments, in an effort to keep overall prices within the reach of buyers. The “smaller the better” notion gained prominence with the rapid proliferation of shoebox apartments, some now as tiny as 258 sq ft. The 2 to 3 bedrooms apartments are no exception; go back a few years and a three-bedroom unit would more likely be 1,500 sq ft in size, while most are now closer to 900 to 1,100 sq ft.

In the meantime, an increase in purchasing power has made Singaporeans crave for more and more consumer goods. No one would have imaged today’s constraints of living with strictly minimal furniture, accessories and very basic clothes in their wardrobes. The objects have accumulated over the years are their “living” memories: school uniforms, holidays souvenirs, books and pictures are the only way for people to reconnect with their past.

It seems like there is no easy solution for most people, except for tossing things to adapt to living in a space constrained place. This is precisely why BEAM was created. BEAM helps Singaporeans preserve their memories from their shrinking apartments by providing on-demand self-storage services. It is like having a virtual closet; you can store anything you want on a per item basis, and access any of your items through your phone. (even look at your items, as BEAM takes pictures and catalogs them in their app)

Because car ownership is scarce among Singaporeans, BEAM includes transportation services in it’s pricing. You really feel like your belongings are still at home. The only thing you have to do is schedule a pickup and request delivery. BEAM comes to you within 24 hours to pick up or drop off any of your belongings.

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