How to Profit from Trading Antique & Vintage Collectibles

Antique and vintage collecting is a profitable hobby that has turned into a serious business for many worldwide. Let’s explore how you can start making money from trading them in Singapore! 1. Do value investing; stockpile on collectibles with the highest potential growth in value. Antiques are high-value collectible work of art that are at least a century old. The more recent ones are more … Continue reading How to Profit from Trading Antique & Vintage Collectibles

How to Store Antiques

Antiques make perfect decorations, especially the pieces that emit rich character and display top-notch workmanship. Some of them are heirlooms that were past down for generation, capturing memories of loved ones. These collectibles also raise the value of investment portfolios when kept in excellent conditions. Here’re some general guidelines on how to keep them well stored and preserved in great condition! Store antiques with bubble … Continue reading How to Store Antiques

Why We Love Antiques

  Antique collection is rising in popularity in Singapore with increasing numbers of cafes and retail shops going for the retro look, and several individual collectors turning into serious dealers, setting up antique houses all over the island. Let’s reveal the top reasons why we love antiques and why you should too! Sentimental Value of Belongings from Grandparents Belongings from grandparents could bring back beautiful … Continue reading Why We Love Antiques

BEAM, the app that makes you feel better at home

Over the last couple of decades people have seen their living space shrinking. The trend seems unstoppable; with the rising price of the land, developers continue to downsize apartments, in an effort to keep overall prices within the reach of buyers. The “smaller the better” notion gained prominence with the rapid proliferation of shoebox apartments, some now as tiny as 258 sq ft. The 2 to … Continue reading BEAM, the app that makes you feel better at home

Top 5 Tips on Decluttering Your Home

Ever visited a friend’s house that feels absolutely comfortable and looks Instagram-worthy? Wondering how to revamp your living space as beautifully? Here’s a quick guide on making that transformation! 1. Visualize Your Dream Room Let’s start by finding out your definition of comfort. Imagine your dream room. Is it of a minimalist style? If you are not the imaginative sort, fret not! What better way … Continue reading Top 5 Tips on Decluttering Your Home

How to Start a Pokémon Collection

Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm. Have you thought of going beyond collecting them in your app? If so, here’s a guide on how to catch ém all! Purchasing Tips: 1. Utilize Pokémon collector’s websites like Pokemon Center and Tomy Unofficial Database devoted to the genre as a reference base. 2. Determine your wish list. Which series (Tomy figurines, Tomy plush, Nanoblock, Trading … Continue reading How to Start a Pokémon Collection