Top 5 Reasons to Organize Your Home

Top 5 Reasons to Organize Your Home

Have you read the recent Straits Times feature on the Danish concept of hygge? Wouldn’t it be nice to create a lifestyle filled with love, joy and cosiness? How about starting off by organizing your home? Here are top 5 reasons to motivate you!

A Clearer Mind

Recent research conducted by Princeton University suggests that clutter limits the brain’s ability to process information. Clutter is distracting and hinders the brain from processing information as well as it could in an uncluttered and organized environment. Now, it seems to make sense to declutter and to not create additional storage space for more clutter!

Heightened Productivity

Spend lesser time looking for items hidden behind stacks of boxes in the storage room or searching for lost keys lying somewhere in the house. Utilize the time on more productive activities like catching up with old friends and self-enrichment through attending online courses.

Enhance Harmony at Home

Decluttering allows for larger personal space for everyone in the house, leading to positive energies, promote harmony and an overall improved family life.

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A New Start

Move on from the past. Keep sentimental things e.g. childhood stamp collection, baby clothes that you used to wear as an infant, antique collectibles passed down from grandparents, etc. in external storage facilities. Moreover, it’s a money savvy move too! After all, we wouldn’t want to pay more for an expensive bigger residential property for storage purposes.

A Better Social Life

A cluttered home can be embarrassing and prevents you from inviting friends over. By becoming more organized, you will be happy to welcome friends over and spend good times with loved ones, the hygge way. Furthermore, your amazing home could possibly inspire your friends to tidy their places for a more positive life too!

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