Beam has launched!

Beam has launched!

We are thrilled to introduce BEAM.

We are a third generation self-storage provider. BEAM helps Singaporeans declutter their living and working spaces without them ever having to leave their place. We are Asia Pacific’s first self-storage application allowing users to store and retrieve all of their items individually.

BEAM’s Mobile App puts your closet in your phone.

All you need to do to access your storage space is to use your phone. Your phone becomes your hidden closet! When you want to store something, all you do is download our app and book a pick up. We tag, scan, photograph and catalog all your items for you to view in the app. When you want something back, select the items you want back and book a delivery through the App, it’s that simple. We will pick up and return your things when you need them within 24 hours, with pickups available on the same day.

You may wonder why can’t you access your stuff on your own?

Because the objective of BEAM is to make you feel like your belongings are still at your place. We take all your hassles away as you don’t have to waste time and money in transportation to visit a warehouse. Not only that, you save on storage costs as you only pay for what you store as opposed to hiring a boxed storage space which you may not fully utilise.

Hard to believe? Just try it!

Pick ups are always free (and so is the App). You can store items for less than S$1 per month.

You will find the App in Apple Store and Google Play under the name Beam Space. Visit our website for more information.

We hope to see you soon!

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